where it all began

Hearth, in its earlier days, came out in form of a newsletter. while the magazine was a tedious, more strenuous affair and was periodical, Hearth never depended itself on time and was published whenever an incessant need to do so was felt- be it some political or literary incident or the opening of a new joint in the city -
as a famous philosopher once said, we are not prisoned by time but by clocks, we must accept our ruins and our downfalls. true poetry and literature will come out of those.
The cover of the blog is called "LOVERS" and has been clicked by eminent poet and photographer Anurag Vats


Poems by Ajitabh

A vagabond and occasional writer. Ajitabh resides in Hyderabad.He writes what he wants to present in the form of emotional explorations. He talks about love, tradition and those  emotional fragments in vivid colors of life.


Your memory

The solitude of bike's backseat still scrapes.
That remaining cold-coffee in your glass.
Those leftover pizza slices.
They still yearn for the touch of your gentle fingers.
Deprived from the breeze is
The scent of your body
And your troubles bent over my shoulders,
Your memory is a beautiful wound on my soul
And I pray it remains unhealed forever.


Then and now

The distance that exists between you and I,
Through which the shivering moon peeps out.
Your perturbed breathing warming the wintry winds.
Your obstinate desire to merge within me by melting everything.

But now what remains is your heart
Like a dim sun covered in mist
And some damp memories,
With whose support I have to spend
My remaining cold restless nights.