where it all began

Hearth, in its earlier days, came out in form of a newsletter. while the magazine was a tedious, more strenuous affair and was periodical, Hearth never depended itself on time and was published whenever an incessant need to do so was felt- be it some political or literary incident or the opening of a new joint in the city -
as a famous philosopher once said, we are not prisoned by time but by clocks, we must accept our ruins and our downfalls. true poetry and literature will come out of those.
The cover of the blog is called "LOVERS" and has been clicked by eminent poet and photographer Anurag Vats


Quote unquote feminism - some general personal thoughts

Dear women,
Being repetitively told that you are strong, smart and independent does not make you one, you should feel that yourselves.  Let no one ever tell you what you are and what you are not. Not only us but also others including transgender and homosexuals whose rights have become a subject of recent concern, are surrounded by same insecurities as us. Ours have always been a patriarchal set up but that didn’t mean that women were not given any ‘rights’, they did have a say in household matters and had their own social life. We should not compare the past to the present. Comparing would only be useful if we compare contemporary societies.  To change anything today would require a change of people’s mental set up. There have always been movements which demand certain things from the society and are able to succeed in getting some fulfilled, but just by telling to start a movement is no solution. You should stand up for what you believe. I am not suggesting that there shouldn’t have been any such thing. After all, movements are passageways to what seems to be unattainable goals. People often misunderstand the word ‘feminism’. It has now become a very subjective term. I am sure it does not mean hatred for men. You may call yourself a feminist and if not so people may label you as one, according to their own understanding of the term. Over the time, the definition of the term has been contested and new ones have been imposed. It has done one thing for sure that it has brought women issues and rights into the limelight. I am not anyone to tell you what it means and what various definitions are but just to ask you that you should always support what you believe. This would only start if people start believing that treating everybody equal is not an extraordinary thing. It is their right. In our times, more and more people are trying to think about these issues and supporting the cause. However, nothing would change unless we change ourselves. It is us who will have to teach our children to give respect to everyone and not just women. It is therefore important that we inculcate a sense of respect in their minds.
(Amogha  loves history and can talk about women rights in her sleep. an avid reader, she thinks she argues all the time. )