where it all began

Hearth, in its earlier days, came out in form of a newsletter. while the magazine was a tedious, more strenuous affair and was periodical, Hearth never depended itself on time and was published whenever an incessant need to do so was felt- be it some political or literary incident or the opening of a new joint in the city -
as a famous philosopher once said, we are not prisoned by time but by clocks, we must accept our ruins and our downfalls. true poetry and literature will come out of those.
The cover of the blog is called "LOVERS" and has been clicked by eminent poet and photographer Anurag Vats


letter to the chef

Sanjeev kapoor Sir,

How are you? Wish you are allright.
It's very cold and being a foody how can I forget you. I am in a car on a road trip, on my way to your state Haryana. I will stay in karnal. Thought to inform you. 
                                           Anyway winter means tasty and spicy foods for me. As I love cooking, so now a days I am trying some regional dishes. Last time I tried south indian but my cooking failed to meet my expectations. Now sir I want you to mail me some new recipes.I also tried your paneer and it was just awesome.
Now tell me something about your city. Now a days all are talking about weather. Your place being nearer delhi, I can imagine the condition there. But today, the weather is quite sunny and it feels great. Infact I am able to type on my small screen with my bare hands. Winters are great for travelling, isn't it?. 
Life has just two things for me food and travel. Rest is just "moh maya". Funny but true, right. Now what else should I say. I will wait for your recipe.
Car is in it's pace. I would like to end my words here. Take care and stay healthy.

(Shristi is one of the budding poets from Patna University. in the process of finding her voice, she feels that writing helps in releasing stress and gives her a kind of  pleasure that nothing else can provide.)