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In conversation with Kaushik Sanyal

Kaushik Sanyal

                            was born and brought up in Khagaul, Bihar in India. He completed honors in English literature from Patna University before moving to Kolkata. As he grew up he got interested in sports and computers. He always had a heart for creative writing since school days, though he never took it seriously until more recently. His love towards new cultures and languages has made him a traveler and a person who likes to talk to people and learn from their experiences. He strongly believes that words speak about a mind and impart structure to our world and meaning into our life and in this quest, writing has become the perfect meditation in his life.
He is an avid follower of sports, music and movies. He currently lives in New Delhi.
In this interview with Kumar Rahul, Kaushik talks about his love for poetry, writing, his ideas and recently published book, ASPECTS OF LIFE

KR-  What is different about the book ?

KS-  I think the most different thing you wil…